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РосреестрГерб Роскартгорафии

Joint Stock Company
"North-West Geoinformation Centre"
JSC Centre «Sevzapgeoinform»

was  established  in  1993  in  the  system of Federal Service of Geodesy and Cartography of Russia on the base of the State Topographic and  Mine  Surveying  Trust "SoyuzMarkschTrest" and being assignee of "SoyuzMarkschTrest" after its liquidations in 1992.    Saving semi-secular traditions of "SoyuzMarkschTrest" in a  form  of  work with  the  customers and  in  constant  perfecting of a  material and technical base and  technology of  works, the Centre has kept and even has expanded a potential of  "SoyuzMarkschTrest" in a  spectrum of branches of a  national economy requiring for  land and surveying  maintenance.

The Centre is engaged in the following activities:

  • digital and electronic topographic maps of various scales, including for national digital cartographic Bank of Russia;
  • surveying work and work to produce electronically and preparation for printing of marine navigational charts of the seas and oceans. Print nautical charts, maps, marine support and reference cards;
  • create 3D models of urban territories;
  • creation of navigational charts;
  • implementation of aerial photography to any territory of the Russian Federation;
  • selection, acquisition and processing of imagery from various spacecraft;
  • creation and application of geographical information systems (GIS) for various purposes;
  • providing cartographic information environmental programs, land reform and other government programmes;
  • works on on topographer-geodetic and cartographic provision of cities, settlements, industrial and civilian installations and facilities during the construction and operation;
  • creation of thematic, special and other kinds of maps and plans, including materials for Aerospace Survey;
  • Complex of mine surveying works;
  • inventories for various purposes;
  • implementation of activities and services for the protection of State secrets;
  • conducting regional bank digital and electronic cards, geodetic,  topographic and cartographic information.


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