Topografic-mining expedition


Sergey  Sergeevich

The Chief of TLE

Topografic-mining expedition carries out all complex of geodetic problems, geodetic maintenance APS, and also carries out cadastral shooting, statement of cadastral affairs on the account.

Department of digital photogrammetry


Igor Vladimirovich    

The Chief of  MDP

Department of digital photogrammetry carries out air photographing, photogrammetrical processing of materials of air photographing, creation and updating on the basis of materials of air photographing of large-scale charts and plans (1:200-1:5000).

Department of digital mapping


Andrey Nikolaevich

The Chief of MDM

Department of digital mapping performs works on creation and updating of topographic maps of the state scale number (1:10000 - 1:1000000), and also thematic cards and the plans created on their basis.

Department of programming and developing of geoinformation systems


Evgenie Lvovich

The Chief of DPDGS

The department of programming and working out of geoinformation systems is engaged in working out of the automated systems with use of a geoinformation technology

Department of sea cartography


Elena Nikolaevna

The Chief of DSC

The department of sea cartography performs promeasured works and works on creation in electronic form (format S-57) and preparation for printing navigation charts. The press of navigating  charts, cards of a special purpose, sea auxiliary and reference cards.

Department of the space information and navigation


Vladimir Nikolaevich

The Chief of DSIN

The department of the space information and navigation carries out selection, acquisition and processing of materials of space shooting from various space vehicles and also reception and processing of the navigating information.

Cartographical department


The cartographical department performs works on creation, preparation for the edition and the edition of maps, plans, atlases of various subjects, cartographical grants, schemes, booklets and other cartographical information.

Designing department


Viya Anatolievna

The Chief of DD

The designing department is completed by experts in the field of town-planning and occupied by performance of works on working out of general layouts, schemes of territorial planning, etc.


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