The centre possesses the big material base and carries out following kinds of works:

1. High-quality aerial photography of a terrestrial surface (aerial camera RC-30 of Swiss firm "Leica") in the color and black-and-white image, with use of a hardware-software complex of air navigation of flights at shooting "ASCOT". At the moment of aerial photography a definition of coordinates of the centers of photographing of each picture that facilitates are carried out and reduces the price of process of processing of aero photographic materials for creation of digital cards and plans from scale 1:500.

2. Full complex of field land works:

  • creation, reconstruction and restoration of a planned high-rise geodetic basis, using GPS-systems;
  • a binding of aerial photographs and materials of space shooting under plans and heights;
  • Various types of topographical shootings by field methods, including shooting of underground communications in cities and on industrial platforms with application of the newest devices (Electronic tachometres, GPS receivers, route searcher);
  • gravimetric shooting;
  • shooting of various kinds of lines (gas pipelines, oil pipelines, etc.) various extent with the subsequent delivery in a digital form;
  • complex of lining works;
  • engineering-geodetic works;
  • works, on creation of various kinds of a cadastre (ground, town-planning, etc.);
  • carrying out of borders of objects in nature.

3. Creation of photoplans, photomaps, digital maps and plans stereotopographical methods on aerial photography materials on modern digital photogrammetric system (PHOTOMOD, DPS).

4. Data acquisition of remote sounding of the Earth (materials of space shooting) and creation photoplans, photomaps, digital models of a relief on their basis with the help special the software "ENVI".

5. Performance of topographical shootings with the raised accuracy (for example: the plan under the maintenance corresponds to the scale plan 1:2 000, and on accuracy of position of "firm" contours corresponds to the scale plan 1:500 that gives the chance to impose at use GIS engineering networks and various cadastres - ground, town-planning, etc.)

6. Updating of digital plans of cities, digital cards of various scales on materials of aerial photography and space photography a stereotopographical method on high-precision digital photogrammetriсal complexes.

7. Reception and processing of the navigating information, creation on its basis of navigation charts for automobile navigators and other navigating systems.

8. Promeasured works and works on creation in electronic form (format S-57) and preparation for printing sea navigation charts. The press of navigating sea charts, cards of a special purpose, sea auxiliary and reference cards.

9. Transfer to the customer when due hereunder the initial geodetic, topographical and digital cartographical data.

10. Creation of GIS of various directions, means of work with the information for the decision of applied problems in the various software products (formats) including three types of the information:

  • Digital topographic map, plan.
  • The digital layers displaying administrative elements of a city, territory (a ground cadastre, engineering networks, building and accomplishment projects, ecology of areas, spatial images of objects, raster and objective images, etc.).
  • The database containing data on elements of cards, necessary for the decision of a wide range of administrative problems.

11. Reception of graphic colour copies on plotters (formats А1, А0) from digital maps and sharts.

12. Scanning of maps and sharts on a rigid basis (aluminium, plywood) on large-format scanner VIDAR and tablet scanner "Kartscan".

13. Scanning of materials of aerial photography (negatives, positives black-and-white and colour, cut and from rolls) on photogrammetrical scanner DSW 500.

14. Training of the personnel of the customer to using digital cards (plans), geoinformation systems and the software.

15. Performance of a complex of works on protection of the state secret and the information.



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